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Want to become a Supplier for K.K.METALS PVT.LTD.?



Supplier can register for supplying item online. That process for requisition as give below:-
Supplier Registration for Vendor Code:
Fill up the given form & register.
Trial :- We required  some item like as CNC insert, tools, bandsaw blade and oils, v-belt and safety item etc. trial for satisfactions your quality when your quotation are final and you agree with our terms and condition. And our developer team are regular monitoring with record trail items. if your trail is success than they are report to supplier and purchase department.
Purchase Order :- we are provide purchase order as per as final quotation with terms & conditions. PO will be detailed form like as brand name, qty., valid of PO, and technical specification etc.. if we are not receive material with in time and according to PO than we will reject and will not accept your material or we will take few penalty charges.
Quality :- In case any type of rejection with respect to our purchase order then charges shall be debited from your account or replace of same material with in minimum time period. and your rejected material are pick up with in minimum time our works plant or send us, otherwise we will scrap your material without information.
Payment :- Payment terms are agree during finalization.